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Secure Mobile Now Protects Data for Windows CE 5

5 January 2012 - Digital Defence have announced that Secure Mobile’s unique technique of encrypting at-rest device data has now been brought to Windows CE 5. Secure Mobile encrypts each file, including its filename, with a unique Encryption Key which is stored {partially on the device; partially inside the file}. The login screen for Device Authentication can be customised to provide full-screen large input button for fast access to the device.

Keeping your data secure and staying free of fines

Security of personal data is a key principle of the Data Protection Act and breaches can be dealt with quite severely by the courts or by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Using Secure Mobile

Digital Defence provides software that secures and encrypts the information held on mobile devices and removable media. It is fast, highly intuitive and works without compromise or complication. It is also invisible to the end user, does not impede on the performance of the device and is FIPS 197 accredited.