2015 Articles

Gameplan implements PCI DSS solution within large Catering and Concierge Services Company

Gameplan Group has recently received a contract with a very large Food Retailer and Services company to implement a Corporate Governance solution for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) as defined by the PCI Council.

This unique solution (www.pci-selfassessment.com ) enables our client to manage all of their PCI DSS compliance activities in a Business As Usual manner and as such reduces the requirement for continued services from external auditors. Our client’s PSP (WorldPay) has also endorsed the solution as it meets all of their stringent requirements to ensure cardholder data is protected across all Assets, Risks, Policies, PCI Projects and most importantly 3rd Parties across more than 3,000 Merchant ID’s (MID’s).

During the implementation phase, new functionality was provided to ensure our client has a completely automated ordering procedure for all of their MID’s. This included peripheral equipment and services to ensure a complete system of record against any merchant ID right from inception. They have also extended the automated functionality to their PSP (WorldPay) who now provide the MID number as requested by Treasury within the same platform. This ensures a 360 degree view across their entire PCI estate.

With the automated reporting capability within the implemented solution, our client is able to submit their annual PCI DSS report by a click of a button. In addition to this, the client has a complete PCI DSS System of Record for all future compliance requirements.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements around PCI DSS compliance.