Human Capital

Recruiting the best across your enterprise

recruitmentAs a company, we have a very strong pedigree in technology and pride ourselves in our understanding of Enterprise Solutions.

"Recruiting the best across your enterprise" is one of the main factors that set us apart from our competitors. We are able to understand all of the finer nuances in our clients’ projects, enabling us to match the exact skill they require based on domain knowledge and an acute ability to deliver against a structured plan.

We have developed a very successful method of recruitment which ensures our clients’ are able to recruit the absolute best resources – in the shortest time frame and within their allocated budget. This Augmented Sourcing Model, which is deployed in addition to our own search and selection capabilities, enables us to work alongside industry leading and domain specific recruiters which are part of our network to ensure an optimal outcome within all of our recruitment projects. Our client benefits from dealing with a single vendor who is able to source candidates across multiple sources, which increases our time to market both in terms of expertise and geography.

We have an unparalleled international network of contacts working in positions ranging from executive level management through to software development. The retention rate for both candidates and clients are very high within our company – mostly due to the fact that we are able to create incremental benefits in terms of delivery against agreed time-scales and quality of resource.

We have successfully placed first-class individuals on a permanent, consulting and contract basis, through an augmented sourcing model. We are able to secure the highest calibre resources that will make the biggest impact to your organisation in the shortest space of time.

Pre-selection to get the perfect fit

Taking the time to pre-select the worthy candidates goes deeper than just establishing their proven track record. We personally meet with all candidates and talk to referees and ex-colleagues to ascertain whether they would be a good cultural fit for your organisation,and have the domain expertise to make an impact to your project.

We have experience in placements in the following roles:

  • Director-level staff (CIO, CFO, Sales Directors)
  • Project managers
  • Implementation consultants
  • Software sales and pre-sales staff
  • IT Contractors and interim staff
  • Software support

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