Resourcing Clients

A level of service that will exceed your expectations

recruitment 2We work very closely with our clients to ensure that we are able to resource the super heroes they are looking for. As a rule, we do not work on large volume assignments and as such have been very strategic in the roles we have been able to place. 

We are the company that will find you the individuals that other recruiters have not been able to interest. We are the guys you need on board to build a team that will consistently outperform your expectations. Our industry knowledge and track record support that statement. In fact, we are so confident of our ability that we never charge any upfront fees – all of our assignments are based on a pre-agreed placement fee.

Everything we do is personalised for both you and your future employees – from the first briefing to the post interview meeting and subsequent contract negotiations.

By working in such close partnership with our clients, we will consistently find the best matched candidates for your business. We're also able to work more closely with the candidate, ensuring that we portray you, your business and the opportunities you offer in the most accurate and appealing fashion.

The Recruitment Process

Understanding Your Business

We believe that in order to understand the requirements of your company we need to work with those responsible for recruitment and management of any particular job function. This enables us to:

  • Understand your organisation and its position within its market
  • Understand what you are trying to achieve and where you have been successful
  • Identify where you believe improvements could be made and what needs to be done to maximise opportunity
  • Experience the atmosphere within your organisation to ensure alignment of culture, ethics and values
  • Understand the responsibilities of the particular team and the expectations of management
  • Gain a feel for the type of person who succeeds, as well as fails within your organisation, and the reasons for their success or failure
  • Understand finer details that are important to the recruitment manager and also the methods that are employed in the recruitment process to ensure the candidates are properly briefed
  • Less is more – we do not put more than 3 candidates forward for any role (you would probably want to hire 2/3)

We build a relationship based on trust, where we're regularly in touch so that we are always aware of your requirements and you are always confident that we will only present candidates who will succeed.

By achieving this level of understanding we are able to provide a service that adds considerable value and exceeds expectation.

Candidate Resourcing

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your organisation and the positions you are looking to recruit for, we implement our resourcing process.

We use a number of methods to locate candidates of a high calibre, most of which is through our network and word of mouth. Typically, upon formal instruction to recruit for a position we have these processes in place within 24 hours and are interviewing within 3 to 5 days.


Selection and Short-listing

The implementation of these processes serves 2 purposes.

Firstly, they ensure that only candidates with suitable skills and experience are presented to our clients. Secondly, they ensure that those candidates are not just able to fulfil the requirements of the role, but that they have a genuine desire to be part of your organisation and be involved with your products and/or services.

Telephone Vetting – Having generated responses from the various sourcing methods all potential candidates are initially contacted by phone. The objective of this call is to qualify the candidate's abilities and background. Where a candidate is able to suitably impress us, they are invited for interview.

Interviewing – All candidates are interviewed. The process lasts up to 60 minutes, during which time their background and current situation is fully investigated. We specifically look for significant achievements in work, academia or sport etc. and where they have had previous roles we discuss targets, achievements and other relevant points as discussed with our clients.

Presentation of your company – Where candidates have demonstrated that they could be suitable for a role, they are informed of the position in greater detail and asked to go away and research your organisation. The candidate is asked to contact us after completing their research to demonstrate their understanding of the role and to justify why they should be referred for interview. We look for an understanding of your organisation and the industry in which you operate as well as an understanding of how the candidate feels they can add value to your company.

Further Assessment Criteria - In addition, we implement any specific testing or assessment which forms part of your company's recruitment process. This may include Personal Profile Analysis, Psychometric Testing or any specific skills based tests which we can implement on your behalf.

Supporting Your Decisions

We are confident in our ability to provide a recruitment service that adds real value to your organisation. It is our belief that a true recruitment service is not about filling the vacancy, but rather about placing the right candidate who goes on to be successful within your organisation.

This is why we provide a guarantee on all of our services. The period of the guarantee is related to the recruitment service we are providing, the nature of your sales cycle and various other factors which we will discuss and agree with you prior to commencing the recruitment exercise.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.