Mobile Data Security

Secure your data, free your users

Mobile DataWe have invested in a company called Digital Defence Limited that develops world class certified security solutions for mobile devices called Secure Mobile. The solution protects selected data and centrally enforces security policies on mobile devices - a true enabler for mobility.

Secure Mobile is a very fast, transparent and highly secure data encryption solution. It is completely invisible to the end user and could be deployed centrally or locally on the device as it easily integrates with all the leading MDM Solutions.

The core proposition is focused on:-

  • File level encryption with unique, randomly generated encryption keys per file.
  • Certification – FIPS 140-2 including latest FIPS 197 (AES), FIPS 180-3 (SHA-256), and FIPS 198 (HMAC) certification. We are also Code of Connection certified.
  • Multi-Platform SDK for developers (Windows, Android, iOS, RIM).
  • HTML5 based extension based on RhoMobile.
  • Multiple levels of authentication to ensure your corporate data is secured to the highest standard throughout your mobility deployment.

We work with leading OEM’s to ensure your field based devices are compliant with Data Protection laws and also that all encrypted data is recoverable even when the device has been compromised.

Please contact us to find out how Gameplan can help your organisation. Alternatively, visit the solution website at

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