PCI DSS Compliance

Ensure Corporate Governance and Compliance for Assets, Risks, Policies and 3rd Party service providers with PCI Self-Assessment

saq PCIPCI Self-assessment offers a comprehensive and unified approach for the management of infrastructure assigned to processing all PCI related data within your extended enterprise.

Our PCI DSS GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solution, provides a complete System of Record in which you monitor and manage all of the Risks, Projects and Policies associated to all Assets – including 3rd parties, across the PCI Zone (or baseline) as defined by your QSA in the SAQ.

We enable our clients to implement a single solution for complete PCI governance and reporting by providing a web based application that is hosted within a secure hosting facility. This ensures real time access to current information about your PCI DSS vulnerabilities and automated management of the risks and policies associated to them by the click of a button. Some of our latest features include:-

  • Industry's first Merchant ID (PCI request) management tool for Treasury and PCI units, linking your PCI MIDs from your Acquiring Banks to payment channels and the associated PCI assets and SAQ’s
  • ‎New PCI GRC system of Record that manages your payment channels across all of your PCI units including Assets, Risks, Projects, Policies, 3rd parties, QSA’s and ASV’s
  • New and industry's first integrated PCI service catalogue for managing all your PCI 3rd parties and service providers. This allows self-compliance reporting of AOCs from all your service providers linked to each of your payment channels
  • New and industry's first PCI levels 3 and 4 compliance fast track module allowing merchants to complete PCI compliance reporting in less than 30 minutes.

Merchants, who have multiple PCI locations and Assets, benefit the most from our PCI GRC solution as it is easier to maintain consistency of data for all of their compliance and reporting requirements. We create a Business As Usual environment for the management of all PCI DSS activities within your organisation.

Please register you interest at www.pci-selfassessment.com or call 01604 521109 to speak to one of our PCI DSS specialist.

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