Increasing productivity, revenue and profit

strategyWe collaborate with software companies globally to create high performance businesses with sustained revenue.

Gameplan has successfully assisted technology vendors to increase their revenues by using a strategic approach which is based on a pre-agreed plan as defined during our project set-up workshop. We target key decision makers in your target market to validate your proposition, create new partnerships and deliver increased revenue within the sectors and regions you are looking to penetrate. 

Our company has an unparalleled business network that can be utilised to drive new revenues for your organisation across various regions such as Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and North America. While working on a cooperative service model we only gain when we achieve our agreed objectives.

Starting from the baseline, we can work with you to:

  • Create a winning sales strategy
  • Develop new channels and alliances
  • Develop a pipeline, both direct and indirect
  • Provide interim sales management
  • Manage sales cycles from lead generation to deal closure
  • Recruit high performing sales personnel with proven track records and domain proficiency


Why work with us?

Working with Gameplan as an outsourced partner has a number of core advantages:-


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